Hello Mathjax and Highlight.js

$$\frac{1}{\sqrt{x}}$$ Wait Wait wait….Wait lets see what some syntax highlighting looks like! And a bit of extra stuff in here <section id="main"> <div> <h1 id="title">{{ .Title }}</h1> {{ range .Data.Pages }} {{ .Render "summary"}} {{ end }} </div> </section> # Makefile BUILDDIR = _build EXTRAS ?= $(BUILDDIR)/extras .PHONY: main clean main: @echo "Building main facility..." build_main $(BUILDDIR) clean: rm -rf $(BUILDDIR)/* And that is that! »

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Uliza:Connecting broadcasters and farmers for better radio

At Farm Radio International we work to share knowledge with small-scale African farmers and make sure their voices are heard. Radio is a really effective way to reach a large audience, but it is essentially a one-way communications tool. So how do make sure that we’re helping radio stations to engage with listeners in an actual conversation? Radio and mobile phones are the most powerful communications tools in Africa. »

Mapping our impact

With upwards of 35 weekly broadcasts across sub-Saharan Africa, estimating audiences is a challenging but essential job for Farm Radio International. Radio goes a long way but it does not go everywhere. Hills and valleys play a huge role in determining whether or not a given community can listen. If we are to measure the impact of broadcasts in a meaningful way, it is important to know both where the signal goes and where it does not go. »

Innovations: Beeping for vital information

Radio is a fantastic tool for reaching millions of listeners with life-changing information. But the cell phone revolution is making this communication tool even more powerful. A cell phone allows listeners to call the radio station and contribute to a program. ‘Beeping’ also allows callers to contribute and receive information in new ways. ‘Beeping’ has become a new buzzword at The Hangar, our Radio and Innovation Lab located in Arusha, Tanzania. »